Bahram rahmani (فعال سياسی) 

 Bahram rahmani

I initially started my political activities with Peykar organisation and when the Communist Party of Iran was formed, I resumed my activities with this party as a sympathiser of Kumala. At present time I am a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran.
Between 1999 and 2000 I was the editor of “Bamdad” publication and a co-writer of “Negah” publication. Prior to this, towards the end of the 90s I was also co-operating with the monthly publication of “Hambastegi”, the weekly magazine of “Iran Tribune” and “Kargare Emrooz”.
At present time I am a dedicated co-writer of bi-weekly publication of “Jahane Emrooz” and “Teribone Zan” publication.
I am a member of the Iranian Writers’ Association (In Exile), a member of the editorial panel of Iran Pen Association (In Exile) and a member of the Swedish Journalists Union.
I have also written 9 books and hundreds of articles about political and social issues which constitute other aspects of my cultural, political and social activities.


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