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Sunday 22 May 2022


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* British Company Signs Contract on Highway Construction Project  News Report

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* Iran’s Petropars to offer Venezuela drilling services  News Report

British Company Signs Contract on Highway Construction Project
[ News Report]  [2007-10-21 13:37:09]
[Source: Fars - 21/10/07]

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A British company has joined the well-known highway construction project which is due to link Tehran to the northern parts of the country.

After Britain's Hulkro Consultant Engineers Company took up - in a relevant contract recently signed by the two sides - to provide consultant services for the project and the Chinese company launched construction work, construction of Tehran-North Highway in the next three years now seems to be more of a reality.

The British company has already dispatched four of its personnel to Tehran. According to the USD15-mln contract, the number of the personnel of the British company will be decided by the Iranian contractor and according to the need and progress of the project.

Also according to the contract, Hulkro should provide 90% of its needed workforce from among Iranian experts.

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